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CS101: An introduction to programming using p5js (#2)

Create a game character, and learn how to make it walk, jump and fall. Through this process, you’ll learn about variables, the 'flow' of the program, conditionals and debugging using console.log

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CS101: An introduction to programming using p5js (#1)

Learn the basics of Javascript by building a wakanda themed game with me. In this first post you'll set up your environment and create a basic game character.

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My Reading List

I've started to be more intentional about reading a wide range of books from different perspectives and genres. I'll be using this list to share which books I'm reading or have read and a brief comment about what I thought about the book.

The State of Open Source in Africa

I had the privilege of delivering a keynote speech at the inaguaral Open Source Festival Africa in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm taking you through my highlights and sharing some of my thoughts on the future of OSS in Africa.